Debris Removal

One of the many services provided is Complete
debris removal to an approved land fill site in our area.  This service is provided on a n hourly or square footage

Smoke and Odor Removal

The most modern
techniques are used to quickly and effectively remove odors.  We have created an Ozone Chamber which makes ozone by
changing O2  (Oxygen) molecules to unstable O3 molecules with an electrical discharge.  Ozone is a powerful
oxidizing agent.  Oxidation occurs when ozone comes in contact with odor-producing particles and bacteria which
produce odors, mildew etc. When odors and bacteria are oxidized, they are eliminated.

Wall Washing

Our advanced spray cleaning method with an
unequaled super efficient spray cleaner effectively gets the job done.  This is because the cleaner leaves no
residue and does not require a rinse stage.


Professional, Quality First painting.  When
sealer is needed, we apply a sealer followed by top quality latex.

Windows, Woodwork, etc.

Our advanced spray cleaning method is utilized
for washing windows, woodwork, wainscoting, etc.  In some cases it is necessary to apply varnish or paint in order
to restore trim or woodwork to satisfactorily  condition.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

We have the most advanced upholstery and carpet
cleaning system on the market today, the Kleen Rite 320.  This machine will clean even the most delicate fabrics.

Contents Removal & Cleanup

We have extensive experience with the widest
variety of cleanup problems.  This experience enables us to handle contents removal and cleanup with an efficiency
that saves both time and money.


We now have approximately 2400 Sq. Ft of
available, clean and dry storage space. Contents that are removed from the premisses can be stored and/or cleaned at our
warehouse until the premisses are ready to be occupied.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Clothing should be removed from the premises
for laundering or dry cleaning.  We have a modern laundry facility equipped to do all the necessary
laundering and odor removal from smoke damaged fabrics.  A qualified dry cleaner is used for items which require dry

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